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Anton-Constantin Anastassov

born on 8th of February 2000 has been drawing a lot since 2013. Since then, his drawings have been shown in Los Angeles and a computer game features his work. A year ago, he quits the normal kind of school and starts learning through the american school Keystone, which allows online education. Many people are impressed by his unique style, but describe his paintings as dark and frightening. 
However, he thinks that they are more esoteric and surreal than horrific.

He says they are mainly related to the world of dreams, nightmares, surrealism and illusions. 
His first two art exhibitions were at "A cube contemporary" and they had an extraordinary success. 
He never stops drawing and painting, because he believes that is the meaning of his life.

2013: Rem Michalski, video game developer, contacts Anton, so that he may use some of his work in his horror adventure game, Downfall, which came out in the year 2016.
2014: Some art prints of Anton's work were in an art show in LA.
2016: The darkwave band "Forever Grey" agrees to use a drawing that Anton created as the cover for a single release song "The style is Death"
2016: The metal band "Obscure Musick" contacts Anton so they can use one of his artworks as the cover for one of their albums.
2016: Andreas Rönnberg, other video game creator, offers to use some of Anton's work within his next game which has not been released yet. 
2017: The darkwave band "Tearful Moon" orders two artworks for their next album titled "Evocation" 
2017: The rock group Antighost orders one painting for the cover of an album that has not come out yet. 
2017: Denis Rizov, a famous Bulgarian musician, commissions three paintings that he will show in Boca Raton, a city in Florida, in hopes that they will receive popularity there.
2017: Rem Michalski contacts Anton again, so that he may feature more of his work within his future game "Lorelai"

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