solo exhibition Elitsa Baramova-Baramó 25.09 2018 -13.10.2018

“The Architect” project

Amidst stardust the Architect constructs the potential of every handful of earth. The individual is conceived as a monolithic whole, and the debris of time builds the personality as a test of free will. It is an elevator to the luminous and accomplished self. Regardless of the inter-floor zones where everyone can make a stop, each person is worthy in the perspective of his development. One can get old like a cathedral, with one’s back turned to the fear of the unknown, aware of the different forms of life. Day changes to night, then morning comes again; if may be spring now, and it will come again ... the eternal cycle leads us along the spiral around the axis…

The exhibition "Shifting the Spaces", which I present at the Sofia Gallery [a] cube contemporary, is my first independent performance in Bulgaria since 2013. Five years! To explain at least a small part of my attitude to art, I will paraphrase the great Man Ray: "Which I can not paint, describe or photograph. And vice versa. But my heart is in painting ... "
Through the means of geometric abstraction, I am not trying to contradict either reality or the different projections of realistic art, but through my paintings I hope to look at the world beyond its material dimensions and to illustrate metaphorically the mismatch of spaces and their confused perspectives that we have to go through most of our lives. Today we see unexpected "tectonic movements" of cultural, aesthetic, moral, spiritual level that become more intrusive, more meaningless, more aggressive ...
With this exhibition, I go back to where Vassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Pitt Mondrian, Franz Kupka and other "brothers" went, trying to recall what they were, to share their preconceptions, to if not the world, at least your thoughts and feelings. In colors ...
Mario Nikolov

I have long experienced curiosity about all those extravagant manifestations we call whims. My desire is to digging, to what extent the wayward impulses have an impact in different life and especially creative situations. unmotivated desires and surprising twists can be existential fateful, like this, most often we mean with phrase "whims of fate". And how the fad influences the contemporary creative act, which is a complex cultural implikaciâ of imagination, cognition, experimental insights, coincidence, passion... It seems to me that under its influence on this paradigm we must add the risk. When the artist rejects the approach of gradual construction, ignores what he has created so far and radically changes it, hoping to achieve a new, different aesthetic. Sometimes it really happens, which makes me think that the whims can also be benevolent.



Alexander Kaprichev  watercolours  20th September until 7th October 2017  Opening  on Wednesday 20th September between 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm


Solo exhibition Stnaislava Stoyanova



solo exhibition

Kaliyah Ka presents cycle of newest works...


solo exhibition

Ventzislav Dikov presents cycle of his newest abstract canvases and a sculptural installation.

fine art exhibition Natalia Malakova


solo exhibition


fine art exhibition Elitca Mateeva-Paskins


group exhibition


One Year [a]cube contemporary: Anelia Raykova, Plamen Rusew, Enil Enchev, Albena Shteniovska - Egloff, Raina Stoymirova

fine art  exhibition by Plamen Rusev

....walls that overlook painted with the patina of time, with invisible shadows of passers by them with pieces of old posters ...

Alexander Alexandrov has won first prize in the competition "42 abstract" held 2016 .... as  the author of the exhibition says: "All characters are either spectators of a phenomenon or they are monitored directly and indirectly" ...
The artist is never just a spectator ....

Spacing/Distances .... Artworks of Albena Shteniovska - Egloff, or ... return to yourself
To see real a picture, horizon, dance, sunset, sunrise or love, it is necessary distance... even to feel abstract art, in particular distance off the physical level is not enough. It needs another very specific condition. Both the author and the audience had to walk a complex and interesting way to reach this aesthetic and emotional choice to be the path of abstraction.

The project INELIMENTAL employs light to offer a new way of seeing through the shadows of two worlds. The images are selected from hundreds of double exposed analog films, shot as a personal record of experience over the last three years in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Thailand and the USA. This improbable combination of elements captured on film, brings life to a series of phantasmal memories and impossible mixtures of experience and vision. Nature and cityscapes merge with human figures, monuments and rituals, thus creating a third documented un-reality, which exists only in the meeting of two separate time-spaces. The spontaneous decision-making in the shooting process transcends mental logic by instead relying on an elementary intuitive response. Ultimately, this trust in an unconscious process allows for the synchronistic alignment of spaces and objects, and points to a metaphysical interconnection between the undeveloped film and the undeveloped aspects of the collective and personal memory.

As the location of the Water Tower Art Fest, we set three artists with outstanding personalities Efrosina Stoychevva, Emilia Smokova and Lyubomir Vassilev

From documentary beginnings Jeffrey’s style has gone through many transitions. One of her most recent bodies of work “The Language of Light” is abstract with elements of minimalism. Using a digital camera these images have been created in Jeffrey’s studio where she sets up tableaux-like scenarios with found objects and daily utensils. Using day light from a large window and reflectors Jeffrey seeks out pockets of colour and shape that emerge within these settings. Through this work-process, light itself - which is normally seen through colour - becomes the subject matter of Jeffrey’s work.

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