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STANISLAVA STOYANOVA  is a Bulgarian painter  born 1971 in Sofia,  where she  lives and works. In 1990 she graduated the School of Applied Arts Sofia, Bulgaria and 1998 the National Academy of Art Sofia with Masters in Art degree.  She has worked as Associate Professor in painting at the National Art Academy, Sofia /2007-2013/ and as Art- consultant in the Yuzina Gallery /2011-2014/ and Monev Gallery /2014-2015/ Sofia, Bulgaria.
Stanislava Stoyanova’s paintings have a boldness and otherworldliness entirely their own. Her electrifying abstractions are characterized by unrestrained gestures made with bright, saturated colors and black interventions like scorched earth. She explores such elusive themes as emotion, storytelling, imagination, and spirituality in her alluring dreamlike images. Stanislava’s passion for color, ornament, design, harmony, and feminine beauty permeates her art. Her canvases are sites of ongoing tactile exchange between abstract fields of color, intuitive streaks, drips, and scribbles, lyrical lines, thick brushstrokes, and layers of paint. The artist’s vibrant expressionism is life-affirming, and imbues the work with strength, perseverance, and renewal. Her visceral physical process becomes emblematic of an emotional process and her work celebrates painting as a commanding and irresistible media. The artist taps sources deep within her perceptive understanding to inform these distinctive and evocative images. Just as she looks within herself and within the painting to pose questions, when the viewer interacts with the work, psychologically and emotionally, the concept and intention of Stoyanova’s art comes alive. CHERIL HARTUP, Curator, Ponce, Puerto Rico/USA

2015 Painting / Monev Gallery,Sofia,Bulgaria
2011 Fantastic walk / Tandra Gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria,curator prof.Teofana Lilkova
2011 La Dolce Vita / Arosita Gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria 
2011 La Dolce Vita / Gallery 8, Varna,Bulgaria
2007 Eclecticism in images / City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria
2005 Eclecticism in images  / Lik Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
2004 Between Utopia / Art House Triadiss, Sofia,Bulgaria
2002 Metamorfosi  e  immagini / Museum of poetry, Arezzo, Italy, curator  Perla Cacciaguerra
2001 Kadinovi  Brothers Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
2000 Janet Gallery , Plovdiv,Bulgaria
1999 Palazzo commune Gallery,Arezzo, Italy
1998 Individuazioni / Mentana Gallery ,Florence, Italy, curator Nicola Nuti

2015  "2" / [a] cube contemporary gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  For Fans / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  Annual  Exhibition / 30/30 format / Astri Gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria
2015  Participation in the project  IMAGO MUNDI  of  Luciano Benetton  Foundation Collection / exhibition in the  Giorgio Cini Foundation ,accompanying exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015, curated by Claudio Scorretti and  Irina Ungureanu,Venice, Italy
2015  The faces of the landscape  / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014  Contemporary Istanbul, 2014 Turkey / represented by  Yuzina Gallery  and Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York
2014  Art Fair, Huandzhou, China / represented by  Yuzina Gallery
2014  Only  for fans / Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2013  Project  BREAKTROUGH / opening  of Yuzina Art Center, atrium of Serdica Offices,Sofia,Bulgaria
2012  Breaking the masks, a joint project with Deyan Valkov, Niki Sotirov and Arabesque ballet in support of Unicef, Bulgaria /  Yuzina Gallery,Sofia,Bulgaria
2012  Paintings, Gallery artists ,Yuzina Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2008  Learning to Fly / Arosita Gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria
2007  20 years Gallery 8, Varna,Bulgaria
2006  Paintings, Art house Triadiss, Sofia,Bulgaria
2006  Art-center Altera ,Sofia,Bulgaria
2006  Ci Bank Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
2005  Venetian Mosaic / Bulart Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2004  Sacral / Murgash Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2002  Krida Art Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
2000 Irida Gallery, Sofia,Bulgaria
2000  ArteMisia- Le femmine nel 'arte, Arezzo, Italy
2000  Iconographic route / Mentana  Gallery , Florence, Italy, curator Nicola Nuti
1999  Vitosha Gallery ,Sofia, Bulgaria


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