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Born on August 19, 1946. In 1966 graduated from the Art School in Sofia. Ninov working drawings and engravings executed in techniques etching, drypoint, lithography. Since 1969 participated in youth and group exhibitions, and his first solo exhibition made during 1972-73, his work has been featured in international biennials and representative exhibitions of Bulgarian art abroad: Belgrade, Budapest, Ibiza, Kanagawa, Krakow Lodz, Ljubljana, Tokyo, Uzice, Fredihshtat, Frehten and others. Solo exhibitions abroad made in 1981 and in 1996 in Prague, in 1981 and 1997 in Bratislava in 1991 in Munich, in 1997 in Vienna, "Haus Wittgenstein".
Works by Ivan Ninov are owned by the National Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, the galleries in Burgas, Varna, Vratsa, Pleven, Plovdiv and others in the Library of Congress in Washington, collection "Ludwig" in Cologne galleries in Krakow, Tonio, Kanagawa, and numerous private collections.
first prize in a competition for graphic portrait, 1975
third prize in a competition for the nude, 1976
first prize at the exhibition-competition "Leonardo and we", 1979
Prize for Graphics of the Roman Academy of Foreign Art, 1980
first prize at the exhibition-competition "Land of Botev", 1981
first prize and a plaque of the Fifth International Biennial in Varna, 1989
First prize for the footprint of the Autumn Salon in Sofia, 1993
first prize for painting at the National Exhibition of drawings in Sofia, 1997
hammer medal at the international graphic arts exhibition, Stockholm, 1997
silver medal at the International Biennial of dry needle in Uzice, 2001
first prize for small graphic of the international exhibition in Bahia Mare, 2002
award named prof. Stoyan Stoyanov 14 International Print Biennale in Varna, 2007

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